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Find out why many of Australia’s largest Aged, Community & Disability Care Organisations use Prophix to streamline their budgeting, forecasting and reporting processes


The Aged, Community & Disability Care Sector industry is facing the ever-changing environment of changing regulatory requirements, increase competition and an increasing cost base. It's more important than ever to provide the organisation with the reporting, analytics and modelling agility to meet and plan for these challenges.  Prophix has been adopted by a number of providers globally as the leading aged care budgeting and forecasting software. The product's simplicity and flexibility makes it an efficient tool for the unique Aged Care operations and finance processes.





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Dashboards/Business Intelligence

Display key KPI’s such as Cost Per Bed Day and Occupancy and keep key costs such as Agency with one unified dashboard and improve organisational transparency with Prophix’s dashboard studio. Prophix Dashboard studio allows your finance team to present information more creatively by providing self-serve dashboards and visualisations that directly integrate with Prophix data, workflow tasks, announcements and external URLs and databases. Build, access and share dashboards anywhere, anytime with any device and any browser.

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Get Actionable Insight

Spot trends, see outliers, stay on the pulse and respond to market conditions quickly with Prophix dashboards. By combining financial and operational data, users can keep on top of what drives performance.


Integrate with market leading BI solutions

Combine Prophix data with market leading Business Intelligence solutions such as Tableau, Microsoft Power BI and Qlik. This allows you to provide one unified dashboard to bring together financial and operational data. Join a Webinar

Budgeting & Forecasting

With increasing cost, additional competition and changing government legislation it has never been more critical to streamline the planning and budgeting process and collaborate with the business, increase ownership and accuracy by moving away from complex spreadsheets.

Prepare collaborative budgets, what if scenarios and forecasts by breaking down operational silo’s with Prophix’s integrated financial planning approach. With real time consolidation, sophisticated driver based budgeting and a rich, easy to use browser interface you can ensure finance and operations are in complete alignment. Model revenue by creating a complete driver based budgeting taking in Available Bed DaysOccupancy % and ACFI as well as operating costs, personnel and more at a detailed level, giving you unrivalled clarity and accuracy over your budget. Join a Webinar


Staff and Roster Planning

Personnel accounts for a high percentage of an organisations cost base and as such, accuracy when planning staff costs is critical. Prophix’s personnel planning software easily handles the many variables involved in payroll calculations, providing the control, accuracy, and flexibility required for analysis of personnel data. Integrate personnel data with the company’s main financial data to provide precise consolidated numbers for accurate data analysis and planning.  

  • A true depiction of employee costs by department, versus a strictly consolidated view

  • The automation of important calculations, including payroll taxes, bonuses, salary adjustments, and fringe benefits

  • A direct link to external payroll systems in order to correlate personnel plans with overall planning data and variance reporting (plan versus actuals)

  • The potential to hold department managers accountable by streamlining the payroll planning process (with their inputs designated as a central function of the project’s progress)

  • Model Awards, Long Service Leave and Oncosts within one unified modelling tool.


Creating new reports is easy within Prophix with its Excel like report building interface. Provide end to end reporting to operational managers and facilities over the web with Prophix 12. A Prophix user can start their journey with a beautifully formatted report, analyse that report with ad-hoc, slice and dice functionality and drill through to the underlying transactions and detail all within the one interface.

Provide the organisation with detailed financial and operation reports complete with the ability to drill through to underlying transactions. By integrating with many source systems, Prophix can enable a company wide, operational view of your organisation whether it’s transactions, employees or operating costs. With Prophix's report binders, automate the distribution of monthly board packs and management reports.

Self Service reporting – Empower managers and executives to interact and engage with not just financial reports but also the underlying operational data. Drill through from a Salaries line within a P&L to the employees paid within that period. Truly understand the variances and answer questions as quickly as you think of them.

Benevolent Society Case Study

Benevolent Society Case Study

Find out how Forest Grove partnered with the Benevolent Society to deliver their budgeting and reporting requirements.


"I have been thoroughly impressed with the product, but more importantly the professionalism and input of your people.  As far as implementations go, it was pain-free, efficient and effective, and the support afforded to us was appreciated.  It has thoroughly improved our capacity and ability to turnaround budget changes, and I have far more trust in the numbers as opposed to the former excel budget spreadsheets environment”.

- Johann Kelaart  |  CFO  |  Jewish Care Victoria

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