Business Intelligence as a Service

With data spread across multiple source systems creating data silos, many businesses are struggling to leverage data and make informed decisions.

Our Business Intelligence as a Service solution takes care of the deployment and management of your BI platform for a low monthly fee leaving you to focus on business outcomes, reduce IT expenditure and leverage an Enterprise data platform.


Why Business Intelligence as a Service?


Save time, cost and reduce pressure on IT resources with a solution that lets you spend more time analysing and understanding your data. Remove the worry of a complex on premise data warehouse and say hello to a simpler BI project. 


Elastic and scalable

As your business grows, so does the Business Intelligence function. The flexibility of our solution means you’ll only pay for what you need and expand as your data and user numbers grow.



No longer do you commence your business intelligence journey with a large, time consuming and expensive setup project. Our Business Intelligence as a Service offering makes the deployment and ongoing development simpler and more efficient.


Low monthly cost

Remove the need for a large upfront cost, our service is substantially less than an on-premise solution and provides a faster return on investment than on-premise approaches to Business Intelligence. 

Rapid Implementation

Begin discovering business trends and insights sooner with our BI as a service option. Your BI function can be up and running within weeks, not months meaning you’ll be gaining valuable insights much sooner.


Reduce IT expenditure

Skip the setup time and hardware costs with an in the cloud, intuitive solution that is self service and user driven. Our solutions places minimal pressure on your IT department


No more bottlenecks

Remove the bottlenecks around a small number of skilled employees with a self service platform. Rather than relying on a few skilled employees to develop dashboards, the Forest Grove team will assist in data blending, transformation and development to ensure your visualisations bring tangible insights.

Reduce risk and increase engagement

As opposed to more rigid, traditional waterfall project approaches, Forest Grove’s agile approach allows Business Analysts to connect to data, test transformations and develop on the fly dashboards directly in Tableau without requiring the Data Warehouse infrastructure.

Once the business is happy with the data, they can simply swap out the Tableau Writer node in KNIME for the Database Writer node and write the data to Amazon.

This approach reduces project risk and increases engagement by allowing end users, project sponsors and other stakeholders to view and interact with visualisations within Tableau prior to deployment.


Deliver vital insight into your business operations, that enhances decision-making and improves your capability to quickly respond to challenges - boosting your bottom line.



Insight that counts

Rather than settling for an off-the-shelf solution, let Forest Grove's experienced consultants work with you to strategically build and develop dashboards that create tangible and valuable insight into your organisation.

Make your Business Intelligence Project a success by ensuring your visuals provide the business with engaging visuals.



Make a real impact

Data is one of your organisation's most valuable assets, so why not let Tableau unleash its full potential?  The ability to drill down and act upon live data means that now you can make informed decisions on the go.

With Tableau's direct connection with Amazon Redshift, analyse your data and built your reports easily and intuitively.