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One of the largest challenges facing many organisations is the ability to conduct effective and time efficient budgets and forecasts that provide accurate and meaningful insight.  An over-reliance on spreadsheets can prove detrimental in the quality and frequency of a growing company's budgeting and forecasting processes.  Learn how Prophix lets you conduct thorough budgets more frequently and at an unprecedented level of accuracy and detail. 

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Save time

Combining integration, collaboration and automation, Prophix simplifies complex budgeting and forecasting processes leaving more time for analysis and reporting.  

Let Prophix automate the time-consuming data entry components of your budget leaving you with time to focus on insight gathering and analysis.

Increase accuracy

While spreadsheets are excellent personal productivity tools, they break down when used for a collaborative planning and budgeting processes.

By integrating your actuals, plans, forecasts, what ifs and supporting detail in the one place, Prophix brings an unprecedented level of accuracy in your budgeting and forecasting process.

Gain a deeper understanding

The bonus of full integration and automation means that you can discover trends and pick up on expenditure issues before they have too much of an impact on your bottom line.  

The profitability of a product can be realized much more accurately when the personnel and operational data is combined with the finance figures.

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Automate complex processes

By using Prophix as a budgeting software you can move beyond spreadsheets and no longer worry about complex calculations, aggregation and consolidation errors and a process that’s difficult to track.  

Unlike spreadsheet budgeting tools, simultaneous collaboration and automation is made possible with Prophix budgeting software, making a single source of the truth easily achievable.  

Integrated financial planning

Simple dollar values are no longer enough for budget and forecast preparation and don’t provide with an accurate, wholistic view of the organization.  

Prophix integrates finance with operational costs, fixed assets, personnel and other plans, substantially simplifying the budget process.

No need to learn a new tool

By using an Excel look and feel, Prophix is an intuitive and easy to use budgeting and forecasting software.

The learning curve is minimal and allows the finance team to stay in control of the tool without needing to go through a complex training process or rely on 3rd party consultants.

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Learn how Prophix has revolutionised WA's largest electricity retailer and generator's budgeting & forecasting process.


Discover why Prophix is the Budgeting and Forecasting Software of choice for a growing community of organisations across Australia and New Zealand