AGENDA - Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing 

Registrations 1:30pm - 2:00pm

1:30pm - 2:00pm

2:00pm - 3:00pm


Business Intelligence as a Service

Create an Enterprise ready Data Warehouse and Visualisation platform that’s fast, scalable and easy to use in a matter of minutes.  Learn how Business Intelligence as a Service (BI-as-a-S) will help your organisation save time, cost and reduce pressure on IT resources.  BI-as-a-S lets you spend more time analysing and understanding your data whilst removing the worry of a complex on premise data warehouse.

3:00pm - 4:30pm

Hands on Lab - Tableau & KNIME

This session provides delegates with the opportunity to get hands-on with two of the global market leaders within the Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics arenas - Tableau & KNIME

Please note: You will require a laptop with Tableau pre-installed for the hands-on labs.

End users can create interactive, real-time dashboards in minutes. Adding filters and drilling down is as simple as a few clicks. Sharing those dashboards with Tableau and embedding them into corporate portals or any web page is simply point-and-click. With visual best practices built in, you can build a great dashboard and communicate effectively.  Learn More


KNIME is the leading open source data analysis platform that gives you the ability to explore, manipulate and analyse large amounts of data with a high degree of ease and accuracy.  Its intelligent automated data cleansing abilities and overall scalability makes it an effective and efficient tool for obtaining highly accurate financial and operational data from datasets of any level of complexity. Learn More

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Save time, cost and reduce pressure on IT resources with a solution that lets you spend more time analysing and understanding your data. Remove the worry of a complex on premise data warehouse and say hello to a simpler BI project.

With business intelligence surfacing as one of the most critical building blocks for organisational success, it is important that Finance and Operation teams develop a comprehensive, end user-friendly BI and data warehousing solution that can provide powerful insights that help drive key decision making.  Join the Forest Grove team for a free event as they take the Future of Finance Roadshow to a city near you this August. 

The Future of Finance afternoon session will explore the idea of Business Intelligence as a Solution - a cost effective option for all organisations.  Our end-to-end Business Intelligence Solution creates increased visibility and detailed insights by providing a cost effective and scalable combination of data warehousing, blending and visualisation.



Operational data is often stored across many different applications and databases both on premise or in the cloud in products such as SalesForce.  This is what we call Data Silos.  Other departments may not have access, knowledge or visibility of data which can result in poor decision making due to incomplete information or the inability to consolidate data in a timely manner.  

Organisations are often hesitant to consider, or expand Business Intelligence due to the assumed expense involved in breaking down these data silos.