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Data & Analytics Consulting

Data and Analytics Consulting

End-to-end development, deployment and management

From designing solution architecture and deploying best of breed systems to providing coaching and on-going support, we will guide you through your journey to digital growth.


Environment mapping, data quality and risk assessments, defining success, stakeholder management, data citizen frameworks, budgeting, forecasting & reporting process analysis


Source analysis, solution wireframes, current to future state mapping, defining roles and responsibilities, data migration & integration, implementation plan and timeline


Pilot and enterprise programs, collaborative methodology with stakeholder for enterprise deployment, visualisations, data governance, client training for clients


Setup installation & configuration, product upgrades, monitoring and scheduling, overseeing governance, security assessments and transparent resolution processes.

Agile development framework

Work collaboratively with our team of expert consultants to define your project goals and align resources to ensure a successful implementation. Receive ongoing training as we design, build, and be involved in the roll out process so you can start leveraging the tools immediately.

After deployment, our consultants will continue to maximise your project ROI by developing a Business Intelligence Centre of Excellence, data consulting services, and training designed specifically for your team to capitalise on the benefits and impact of the new technology.

Delivery Ethos

An implementation process designed for your digital growth

Our comprehensive data analytics consulting and implementation process touches on all factors to successfully modernise your systems and processes. We will equip you with the data solutions required to help you drive better business insights and performance.

From best of breed infrastructure for a secure and scalable ecosystem; capturing, extracting, transforming, and enriching data sources; seamlessly automating consumption of financial, operational, and ad-hoc information; ensuring accuracy, transparency, and appropriateness to fostering a community of data citizens through continued training and coaching – our team of experts will work collaboratively with you to deliver successful outcomes.

Forest Grove analytics consulting, support & enablement

Data integration, transformation, and analysis requirements are continuously evolving. Our team will work with you to build and expand your knowledge of tools like KNIME, Prophix, Tableau, and Microsoft Power BI. Empowering you with these tools means reducing external dependencies, building confidence, ensuring business continuity, and equipping you with the ability to continuously adapt the solution to meet changing business needs.


Automated Data Wrangling & Reporting Engine

Forest Grove’s solution has vastly expanded AHG’s deep analysis capabilities and represents a major milestone in its journey from descriptive to prescriptive analytics. By automating the data interpretation process with KNIME, managers are now able to identify potential transfer opportunities in minutes rather than weeks. 

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Helping businesses across industries make data-driven decisions

How Forest Grove can help your business through data & analytics consulting

Get in touch with Forest Grove to get started on your journey to digital growth. We are a data analytics consulting company who works with you to identify the tools and technology solutions needed to reach your business goals. From building a scalable strategy to the implementation of change management processes, we will support you every step of the way.

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