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Join us this October for the Forest Grove Discover Series and get hands on with KNIME Advanced Analytics software. Learn how the open source platform seamlessly cleans and structures data, and integrates with your Business Intelligence function.  If you have implemented any data analytics application, even a very simple one, you will know that data cleaning is a huge key to success. Present poor quality, dirty data to the model and the model will produce poor quality, dirty classification/prediction results.  

The Discover KNIME series will explore the predictive analytics and data science capabilities within KNIME, and discuss business cases where this solution has provided tangible business outcomes.  Whether you are looking for advanced analytics or an application to help you blend and prepare your data for reporting and business intelligence, this session will prepare you with lessons and equip you with a tool that you can start using the very next day.


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Kilian Thiel

Senior Data Scientist, KNIME

All the way from Germany, KNIME's Senior Data Scientist, Kilian Thiel will be joining us as a keynote speaker and hands-on presenter at each event.  This will be a great opportunity to discuss your business case in-depth to easily one of the most seasoned professionals in this space.


Paul Middlewick

Business Intelligence Consultant, Forest Grove Technology

Heading up the Forest Grove Technology Business Intelligence team, Paul Middlewick brings with him an abundance of BI consulting and analysis experience across a number of industries.  Paul represents the local KNIME community here in Australia and will be present at both events.

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