Streamline your Financial Consolidation Process

Get away from using complex Excel worksheets to perform your currency translations, inter-company eliminations and consolidation of source systems. With Prophix you can automate all those processes in one single interface by automating the importation of data from any number of source systems providing you with precise consolidated data.

Perform multi currency translations allowing you to report at any level, in any currency without needing to resort to complex Excel formulas.

Perform complex consolidation processes

Prophix Financial Controller allows you to take control of complex reporting and ownership requirements. Prophix allows you to meet your various regulatory reporting needs with a unified workflow process that helps you manage your full and partial ownerships whilst maintaining a full audit trail.


Leverage flexible and comprehensive reporting

Because Prophix is a unified system, businesses that use Prophix for consolidation automatically have the advantage of leveraging Prophix's powerful Excel like reporting interface. This allows you to produce not just dashboards but also boardroom quality monthly, quarterly and annual reports.