Financial planning & analysis

Budgeting, Forecasting, Consolidation & Financial Reporting Software




Financial Planning & Analysis

Automating financial processes with an integrated financial planning & analysis software

Move away from error-prone spreadsheets to an integrated financial system for budgeting, forecasting, consolidation and financial reporting. Save countless hours of manual processing and make informed financial decisions with real-time data and analysis. 

Extract, Transform & Load

Connect with a wide range of sources, work with structured, semi-structured and unstructured data, leverage out of box data connectors

Intelligent Data Analysis

Provide code free and guided financial planning & analysis solutions that create the opportunity for all staff to analyse data through interactive visual exploration

Financial Planning & Analytics Software

Automate and schedule budgeting, forecasting, performance management, long-term valuation and financial modelling with an integrated financial planning and analytics software. 

Financial Data Visualisation

Empower users with dynamic dashboards and self-service analytics. See and understand financial reports and data without reliance on IT

Move Your Financial Reporting Beyond Spreadsheets

If your business is operating in more than one location, sending or receiving money in more than one currency, and employing staff in different regions or countries, working with spreadsheets can introduce additional complexity and an increased risk of incorrect or skewed data.
Forest Grove‘s consulting services and software solutions help your business to modernise your financial planning and analysis needs by centralising data, streamlining processes, minimising errors, and enabling automatic consolidation.

Eliminate the need for manual data input from different sources. Improve data accuracy by automating data collection and consolidation from CRM, ERP, payroll software, etc. – condensing all relevant metrics into a single purpose-built platform.


Simplify & Automate Financial Reporting

Are you spending more time collecting and organising financial data than analysing and leveraging it? Maybe you’re spending too much time manually inputting data into spreadsheets, only to find that the metrics for the data have already changed.

Save time and improve efficiency by automating repetitive finance processes such as data imports, allocations, consolidations, and currency conversions. Through the utilisation of financial reporting software and automation software, integrate all your manual processes and tasks seamlessly to improve collaboration and get faster business insights.

Deliver Realtime Financial Reports & Insights

Forest Grove’s FP&A consultants work closely with your team to deploy and manage our integrated financial planning & analysis software to simplify your financial planning and data processes, speed up consolidations and distribute financial and management reports with ease. We free up your time so you can focus on analysing data and applying it to business decisions, instead of performing repetitive and tedious tasks.

With all your data combined into a single centralised platform, you now have greater insight into the implication metrics have on your budget. You can see the big data picture with in-depth reports and KPIs. Adjust your budget for optimal results with just a few clicks.


Customer Testimonial

Budgeting and Reporting Optimisation

It became clear during the proof of concept stage that the wealth of industry experience and local support provided by Forest Grove, coupled with Prophix’s product functionality, made it clearly the best fit for our organisation.

Clinton Bright
Finance Project Specialists, Silver Chain


Enabling faster, smarter, and more accurate budgeting, forecasting, consolidation and reporting though the deployment and management of corporate financial planning and analysis services

How Forest Grove can help improve your financial processes

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