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Maintaining fully transparent and accurate asset records is vital to any organisation’s reporting and financial requirements.  With its integrated capital expense planning capabilities, Prophix takes care of all elements of your fixed asset reporting requirements eliminating manual steps from the depreciation process.

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Save time and resources

As is a common benefit of Prophix, the market leading software vastly improves accuracy and efficiency in CapEx and fixed asset reporting with the help of automation.

Whether straight line, double declining balances or other KPI’s Prophix allows you to eliminate manual processes and calculations.  Let Prophix automatically calculate depreciation in real-time, to assist in capital expenditure evaluations.



Spot Changes as they Happen

With the ability to view and create detailed CapEx reports on the go, Prophix unlocks the door to a whole new level of analysis.  No longer do you have to wait for scheduled reports to keep on top of variances in your capital expenditure.

Prophix enables you to quickly and easily conduct detailed CapEx reports from a number of source systems and monitor variances between forecast and actual costs.

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Simplified Depreciation

Whilst depreciation calculations can be achieved through spreadsheets, one single miscalculation can have major implications and jeopardise accuracy.  

Create automated, accurate depreciation calculations with Prophix and alleviate any room for error. Prophix works with all depreciation methods including straight line, double declining and sum of years.


Track patterns sooner

Gain a wholistic view of your organisation and keep a close eye on cost control and instances where particular assets might be affecting profitability.

Prophix integration provides users with a deeper level of detail allowing users to build on previous figures and develop more accurate and in depth plans and forecasts.


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