Budgeting and Forecasting Software Australia

One of Australia's leading suppliers of management reporting, budgeting / forecasting software, and business intelligence (BI) solutions.

Increase Efficiency

We help companies move from total dependancy on time consuming and complex spreadsheet technology.  In turn companies are able to make better business decisions based on more timely and accurate information.

Simplify Process

We enable businesses to work as a team to collect and bring together projected budgets and forecasts consolidated for the entire business.  Our products help financial and operational teams do and produce more, more quickly with less resources. 

Gain New Insight

We help provide an overall picture of business financials by bringing together both actual and planning information from all divisions, subsidiaries and operations. This time saving puts businesses into a position where they can forecast quickly on a more regular rolling basis.

Save Time and Resources

Our products save the finance and operational managers significant time and resources allowing them to focus on strategy rather than the operational process of accounting, planning and reporting.

Clean Up Your Data

Our products can help you clean up and transform your data into consolidated accurate data sets.

Our Products

Our products and services are tailored to assist organisations make better decisions with clear, concise and more accurate financial and operational information.  

Prophix Budgeting and Forecasting Software
Tableau Partner Australia
KNIME Data Analytics

Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

Budgeting, forecasting, consolidation and management reporting software.  Prophix helps finance teams move on from a dependence upon time consuming and complex spreadsheet technology. 

Business Intelligence & Data Visualisation (BI)

Data is everywhere. But most of us struggle to make sense of it. Tableau Software lets anyone visualize data and then share it on the web, no programming needed.

Data Transformation &   Predictive Analytics

KNIME helps companies clean, organise, blend, transform and predictively analyse their data. KNIME is a world leader in data transformation and predictive analytics. 

Our Customers

Over 100 implementations across Australia and New Zealand... and counting.