Kajima Cockram International achieves simplified multiple currency translation and automated consolidation

Forest Grove24th March 2022

Kajima Cockram International is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kajima Australia and in turn Kajima Tokyo. The company has two key business activities provided by Cockram Construction and Scenario. The company provides services to the industrial process and information technology industry in Asia and USA.


Kajima Cockram International wished to improve the timing of the reporting, budgeting, and forecasting process which consumed considerable accountancy resources and numerous days to consolidate data from a variety of spreadsheets and extracts from other reporting tools.

The Excel driven process, exporting data from construction Spectrum Viewpoint ERP for creating budgets in multi-currency, and preparing consolidated reporting was inefficient and time-consuming. The ability to provide more accurate and frequent forecasting with flexibility and agility was increasingly difficult to manage in given time restraints.


Kajima Cockram first engaged Forest Grove as their solution provider to meet their budgeting and forecasting requirements.

As Group Financial Controller, Irene Wang recalls, it became clear during the implementation of Prophix for budgeting and forecasting that the product functionality, together with the support provided by Forest Grove, could be further utilised to provide all Management Reporting requirements.


Forest Grove has simplified multiple currency conversion and automated consolidation allowing the finance team to produce reports at the click of a button and prepare budgets and updated forecasting in a more timely and efficient manner.

Prophix was a great fit for the organisation with web browser ease of access and summary dashboard providing a more collaborative input and insight for financial analysis and strategic decision-making.

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