KNIME Spring

Data Talks

March 24, 2021  |  3pm CET  |  Free Virtual Event

About KNIME Data Talks

Join the KNIME team for a special digital event discussing data science in action. Learn from data science challenges across verticals, connect with new and experienced members of the KNIME community, and peek over the shoulders of the KNIME development team.

Forest Grove will be hosting a talk that explores a practical KNIME use case for the Melbourne Cup sweepstakes program that integrates KNIME, Microsoft Power Apps and Flow.

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Note for our Australian customers – whilst the event time zone may make it difficult to attend the live event, please register anyway and you will receive a recording after the Data Talks conclude.

Forest Grove Data Talk Session

We are excited to have two of our Forest Grove team members hosting a session at this Data Talk. Lexi Harrison and Oli de Bie will be demonstrating an innovative KNIME use case that integrates KNIME with Microsoft Power Apps and Flow. 


Each year, the Melbourne Cup proves itself to be one of the biggest events in Australia and on this day in almost every office, a sweepstake is organised to make the race that little more exciting. Traditionally a team member manually kept track of tickets, colleagues drew horses out of a hat and allowed a first-come-first-serve approach to the unallocated horses. This year we were determined to improve this outdated manual method by creating our version of a bidding app, seeing how we could combine KNIME with Microsoft Flow and PowerApps.

Forest Grove

Guest Speakers

Lexi is a Data Analytics Consultant with deep analytics experience in Europe’s financial sector. Lexi has previously worked for HSBC and JDX Consulting (a boutique London based consulting firm) across a variety of data roles. Lexi has an honour’s degree in mathematics and has specialist qualifications and experience in the application of visual and data analytics software including KNIME, PowerBI and Tableau.

Lexi has worked with clients in a range of sectors including financials, resources and aged care. As a member of the Analytics team at Forest Grove, Lexi assists with the full scope of our capabilities including advanced data modelling, software implementations, ETL, planning and creation of informative dashboards.

Lexi Harrison

Data Analytics Consultant

Olivier is an analytics management consultant with over 5 years’ experience within Deloitte Belgium and Australia. Olivier has two Master’s degrees (Science in Industrial Design Engineering, and Management) and a proven record of front-end and back-end development; data integration, migration and analytics; enterprise technologies; open source programming languages; and full-stack development.

Olivier works with Forest Grove’s entire technology stack with a focus on KNIME and complementary Microsoft products.

Olivier de Bie

Analytics Management Consultant

Other Guest Speakers

KNIME Data Talks boasts a number of high calibre guest speakers from around the globe.  

Hans Samson

Alzbeta Tuerkova
Upsalla University

Mike Berthold

Dennis Ganzaroli 

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