KNIME for MLOps and IT:

Securely deploy, manage, and scale analytics with a single installation while ensuring enterprise-grade security and governance.

KNIME is trusted by businesses across Australia

Scale analytics safely with a central platform

One platform to administer access, automate deployment, and manage models

End-to-End Data Science Platform

Test, validate, deploy, and monitor models in a single end-to-end data science platform.

Data Security and Governance

Ensure data security and governance with centralised admin and access controls.

KNIME Business Hub - Deploy

On-Prem or in the Cloud

Deploy data solutions on-premise or in the cloud with a single install and no limits on scaling.

Why KNIME for MLOps and IT

Safely deploy and monitor models from one single place

  • Validate workflows before they are deployed.
  • Monitor the results of deployed workflows and update them to adapt to changing data.
  • Create a training workflow that can be triggered to retrain a model for production.
  • Monitor model productionisation with a log capturing each state of the process.

Ensure adherence to best practices

  • Infuse best practices into automated or semi-automated processes to test, validate, deploy, and monitor models, and decrease manual work for admins.
  • Get a framework to separate development, testing, and production environments.
  • Use the same framework to define and customise testing, validation, and deployment, and monitor production to define quality measures.

    Meet enterprise needs while ensuring data security and governance

    • Give timely access to data while mitigating risk with centralized access control, user rights management, and encryption.
    • Ensure reproducibility with versioning, metadata mapping, auto-documentation, logging, and monitoring.
    • Avoid unintended changes with rollback, and granular permissions around workflows.

      Secure productionisation at scale

      • Support an unlimited number of users, running any number of models, which are then deployed to any number of consumers with a single installation using KNIME Business Hub. 
      • Enable teams to be independent and manage their resources within IT-set parameters.
      • Get high scalability with minimal burden on IT while retaining centralized control.

      Community-driven innovation

      • Get integrations to all the popular ML libraries and 300+ data sources with an open source approach.
      • Avoid vendor lock-in and adapt to changing business needs with an extensible platform.

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      Customer Testimonial

      Predicting At-Risk Clients

      KNIME helps to solve what is often the most time consuming and overlooked part of data science – preparing data and deploying models in an automated, repeatable way. KNIME brings agility to data science by allowing this to be done from the outset.

      This encourages an iterative approach to machine learning, where useful results can be developed and deployed to the business quickly using pre-built components. Based on both technical metrics and feedback from the business, these results can then be tuned and enhanced over time.

      Andrew Dun
      Data and Analytics Manager

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