We help organisations become more data informed. We do this by combining education and workshops with the right skills, tooling and story telling to transform your analytics process.

With our KNIME services, you can transform your analytics team, accelerate your return on investment and know you’re on the right path for success.

KNIME Beginner Training


Our Instructor led KNIME training, delivered by certified KNIME consultants . Our 2 day KNIME beginners course is designed for those who have no to little previous experience with KNIME. We will take you through everything you need to get going - from installation, to navigating around the various sections, through to fully utilising KNIME Analytics Platform.

Topics include

  • Introduction to KNIME

  • Importing Data

  • Data Mining

  • Data Visualization & Highlighting

  • Data Manipulation & Data Aggregation

  • Integrating External Tools

  • Data Export & Reporting

  • Summary & Catch-up

KNIME Accelerator Workshop

Our 5 day accelerator workshop is a great way to learn KNIME with your data, solving your business problems. Led by our experienced data engineers and data scientists, we mix together KNIME training, guidance and practical experience working with a small team of your users to solve a real business problem.

Your team will be up-skilled, invigorated and ready to deploy a solution whilst learning best practices and the KNIME applications along the way.

By pairing your team with either our data science or data engineering consultants, they’ll bring a wealth of experience in Machine Learning, AI, Data Engineering and Cloud analytics.

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KNIME Essential Services

If you’re looking to speed up deployment, minimise project risk, ensure business outcomes and learn best practice, our KNIME essential services can pair you with the right KNIME consultant to ensure project success.

Working with our certified KNIME consultants, we help you approach your analytics project the right way and work with you to deploy Agile, Business led solutions. With our defined, proven Agile methodology and Data Science lifecycle, we help you execute your project vision from inception to deployment.

Working in two week sprints in a collaborative environment, we work side by side as we prototype, validate and deploy workflows, testing outcomes and outputs in real time within data visualisation tools.

Our services include supporting proof of concepts, and consulting support to help you create and deploy your Data Engineering or Data Science project.

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KNIME Health Check

Wouldn’t it be great to have a KNIME ‘doctor’ on hand at any time to give your workflows and KNIME Server a health check.

With our KNIME Health Check services, we can help optimise and refine your existing KNIME workflows and KNIME server to make sure your workflow is efficient, ensuring its meeting the predictive analytics outcomes you’re expecting and you’re taking advantage of the latest nodes and functionality within the KNIME Analytics Platform.

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Data Science Insights

Embarking on your Data Science and AI journey can be daunting. For a lot of organisations, this is a new field and knowing how Data Science can help your organisation can be difficult to understand.

With our Data Science Insights program we work with your organisation to understand strategic objectives, challenges and opportunities and help you transform this into a solution deployed with KNIME. Working in an Agile fashion, we deliver models, present finding and deploy solutions rapidly to help you solve important business problems and make informed decisions.

We also help organisations and data science teams deploy their solutions in the business, whether its by an alert, dashboard or report we make sure every project results in action and insights.

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KNIME Server Assurance

Leverage Forest Grove’s experience and expertise with KNIME and KNIME Server by letting us manage, maintain and monitor your KNIME Server installation.

With KNIME Server Assurance, our managed service allows your business to focus on what matters most, producing business outcomes while we handle the setup, configuration and maintenance of your KNIME server, including upgrades.

Whether deployed locally, on Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, we regularly asses your KNIME Server’s security and work with your IT and Analytics team to ensure security governance processes and health checks are regularly conducted.

As a KNIME Trusted Partner, we make sure your critical KNIME environment is working smoothly, so you can focus on the important things.

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Watch a Webinar

If you are interested in analytics and how KNIME can help transform your organisation, then we invite you to register for one of our weekly webinars. Find out how to create a dynamic Data Warehouse on the fly, blend multiple data source together and present the information to the business with KNIME.

KNIME webinars take place every Thursday at 11am WST - Doesn’t suit? Click Here to schedule a time