Leveraging Artificial Intelligence in the Office of Finance


Many of us have personal digital assistants in our homes that can play our favourite song or order groceries with a voice command. And as much as robust technologies make our personal lives run a bit more smoothly, there is similar potential for Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language queries, and Machine Learning to transform the Office of Finance.

Organisations are making strides in understanding data around market trends, customer sentiment, and engagement, but they aren’t making the connection back to the bottom line. The next steps involve automated Machine Learning and data management to make the process more seamless and robust.

A majority (62%) of Finance Executives report that they will make significant investments in AI over the next three years, according to PwC’s Digital IQ research. Gains from Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and basic AI will provide the building blocks for finance to later achieve more dramatic gains with advanced AI, setting the stage to go beyond using AI and related technologies for only routine transactions.

Download this complimentary white paper and discover how cloud-based computing will drive adoption of AI improving productivity through fewer errors and higher output.

AI White Paper

Discover KNIME - Free Half Day Test Drive

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DATE: 17 August, 2018

TIME: Registrations from 8:30am  |  Sessions commence 9:00am

WHERE: Cliftons Perth (191 St Georges Tce, WA 6000)


Join us in Perth on the 17th of August for the Forest Grove Discover Series and get hands on with KNIME Advanced Analytics software. Learn how the open source platform seamlessly cleans and structures data, and integrates with your Business Intelligence function.  If you have implemented any data analytics application, even a very simple one, you will know that data cleaning is a huge key to success. Present poor quality, dirty data to the model and the model will produce poor quality, dirty classification/prediction results.  

The Discover KNIME series will explore the data blending, advanced analytics and in-cloud big data processing capabilities within KNIME, and discuss business cases where this solution has provided tangible business outcomes.  Whether you are looking for advanced analytics or an application to help you blend and prepare your data for reporting and business intelligence, this session will prepare you with lessons and equip you with a tool that you can start using the very next day.