Another successful Prophix implementation


Company Overview


Industry: Utilties/Government


Number of Employees: +800

Head Office: Perth, Western Australia


Our consulting team have had a particularly busy start to 2017 with a number of new Prophix Software implementations across Australia, as well as many upgrades to Prophix 12.  One project that has just come to completion is the Synergy Operational Expenditure Budgeting Prophix Implementation. 

Synergy is Western Australia’s largest electricity generator and retailer of gas and electricity, providing 52% of the electricity sold to households and businesses throughout the South West Interconnected System (SWIS).  Synergy is a Government owned entity with power stations extending from Kalbarri, to East Kalgoorlie and as far south as Albany.

Prophix Software was selected as their budgeting and reporting tool after looking for an easy to use, engaging tool that will allow them to budget expenses across the organisation. Top of their priority was it’s ease of use and interface to best engage the 100+ budget users who will be inputting into the System.

Synergy were impressed with its cost, time to implement and ability to address Synergy’s budget needs across general expenses, personnel, assets and projects, to handle the complex requirements an organisation of this size would typically have.

Upon completion of the Prophix Software implementation, Synergy have successfully undergone their first budget, commending on the efficiency of the new process and the quality of the Forest Grove consulting team.