Welcoming Nanosonics to the Australian Prophix Customer Community.







Company Overview: In operation since 2001

Industry: IT & Services

Website: http://www.nanosonics.com.au

Number of Employees: +150

Head Office: Sydney, New South Wales


Nanosonics is a developer of infection control technology with headquarters in New South Wales and offices in Europe and the USA. Their proprietary disinfectant technology is now being introduced around the world and has the opportunity to become the new standard of care as it safely and effectively addresses the issues with traditional ultrasound probe disinfection practices.

Nanosonics were seeking to improve and streamline their budget process with a robust, user friendly and automated solution and selected Prophix as their solution of choice.  Their main focus was to find a solution that draws from their source system, QAD that also has the ability to slice and dice CAPEX, Personnel and Sales Planning data down to the granular level in a timely manner.

The NSW technology organisation were impressed not only with the level of simplicity for end users but also with Prophix’s ability to generate highly sophisticated ad hoc, self service reporting that the wider business can then interact with and continually build on as the business continues to evolve.