KNIME Analytics Platform 3.7 Announcement


The latest versions of KNIME Analytics Platform and KNIME Server is out now and there is plenty to get excited about.

Some of the highlights in this release are a number of new interactive views (check out the new CardView and Heatmap), new integrations allowing KNIME workflows direct access to Google Drive and Tableau’s Hyper format, and a number of new statistical tests. New XGBoost nodes add access to this well known high performance machine library, while a more hidden gem is the completely new layout editor for composite views of metanodes, which allows you to build your own library of personalized view nodes.

There are also new integrations with Jupyter notebooks and PySpark. Now you can import and run code from Jupyter notebooks directly in your KNIME workflow. Adding Python to your big data workflows is also now possible, allowing you to seamlessly mix and match Python with existing nodes from the KNIME Extension for Apache Spark.

KNIME Server offers new automation and management services for data science and IT teams productionizing workflows and data science applications. Now you can automatically scale your infrastructure with our Distributed Executors and automate remote workflow editing and control. New management services are also available for centrally adding customisations to KNIME Analytics Platform users. Update KNIME to get the latest version, or download and install it here.