KNIME recognised as leader in Gartner's 2019 Magic Quadrant


It’s no surprise to see that for the sixth year in a row, Gartner has placed KNIME, the open source platform for data driven innovation, as a leader for Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms for 2019 based on ability to execute and completeness of vision.

KNIME continues to innovate by supporting the latest trends in Machine Learning including Python, Spark, H2O and other deep learning platforms and fostering a vibrant and engaging user community. Our clients are amazed at the value it provides at such a low cost often 1/5th the cost of other comparable solutions.

As a leader, it not only demonstrates KNIME’s ability to execute but also through innovation by continuing its commitment to its open source beginnings. KNIME continues to be used the world over, removing the expensive barrier to entry other applications place in the way, transforming businesses.

“We have always believed it is the data science and machine learning community that ultimately decides what the leading platforms are. We are humbled by the response of KNIME users across all industries, continents, and application areas which has helped us achieve this honor,” says Michael Berthold, CEO, KNIME AG. “That community comprises not only users who use our software, but many who also contribute to it.”

“KNIME simply does it all within one platform, allowing you to mix and match and move seamlessly from prototyping to production as required, depending on the problem you are solving,” says Phil Winters, KNIME advocate and “Father of Customer Intelligence”. “For me as an individual, everything I do - regardless of scale - is free. I strongly believe that KNIME has set the standard that others must now scramble to follow.”

“We are continuing to not only add leading edge methods, but are also placing a strong emphasis on blueprints for Guided Analytics and Guided Automation. These are an extremely practical way of helping the KNIME community get “focused AI” applications into the hands of even more users,” continues Berthold. “Our commitment to open source is unwavering. This transparent business model works for everyone and we will keep it that way.”

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