Budgeting and Forecasting

Another successful Prophix implementation

Our consulting team have had a particularly busy start to 2017 with a number of new Prophix implementation across Australia, as well as many upgrades to Prophix 12.  One project that has just come to completion is the Synergy Operational Expenditure Budgeting Prophix Implementation. 

Capilano Honey

Forest Grove Technology is excited to announce that ASX listed Australian honey supplier Capilano Honey have selected Prophix technology to help streamline their internal financial processes and improve the accuracy and detail of their planning and reporting processes.  

Capilano is faced with a complex and varied manufacturing process, and have decided to move away from inflexible and time consuming spreadsheet-based financial processes and utilise market leading Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solution – PROPHIX.  

PROPHIX will allow Capilano Honey to accurately plan and forecast sales and production within the organisation leading to improvements in production planning, manufacturing capacity management, sales demand planning and improvement in cost control by providing greater visibility into inventory levels.


“When dealing with a manufacturing organization that sells a diverse range of products to a wide range of Australian and International customers, getting accurate plans around sales, inventory and manufacturing is critical to increase efficiency, reduce costs and respond to market challenges quickly. With Prophix, Capilano will be able to expand the solution to provide the organization with detailed operational reports, perform consolidations and multi currency translations and create integrated budgets and forecasts taking inputs from across the business without having to rely on time consuming and complex spreadsheets.”

Craig Cullum. Sales Director, Forest Grove Technology  


Established in 1953 and based in Queensland Australia, Capilano Honey has grown to become the market leader for 100% pure honey in Australia and one of the world’s largest honey packers with trade in over 32 countries.

 Forest Grove are extremely excited to help Capilano Honey streamline their financial process and give them the ability to access key information which will in turn assist them in making better, more accurate business decisions.