2019 Prophix Learnathon

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This March customers from across Australia joined us for the inaugural Forest Grove Technology ‘Prophix Learnathon’.  

The Prophix Learnathon was designed to equip and empower end users and other key stakeholders to use Prophix to its full potential in finance and operational teams, and were held in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane.  The complimentary event, hosted by our Senior Prophix Consultant - Luke Bonser - was an exciting combination of hands-on lab sessions, customer case studies and latest feature overviews.

The Learnathon was also a great opportunity for customers to engage with fellow local Prophix Users from the growing Australian community and discuss how they are leveraging the market leading Performance Management Platform to cut budgeting timeframes, increase forecasting accuracy and obtain greater insight. 

Rather than traditional high-level hands on sessions, we were able to tailor the Learnathon towards more experienced end users and provide in-depth discussions around best practice and latest features. Registrants found the hands on sessions particularly valuable in helping them articulate next steps in their organisation’s Prophix journey. 

We have received an overwhelmingly positive response from all who attended the events with registrants stating that the Learnathon was an excellent learning opportunity for new staff, re-engaging key stakeholders and those wanting to take Prophix further within their organisation. 

A big thank you to our customers for helping to make this such a successful event. We look forward to hosting a similar event in the second half of 2019.

If you attended the Prophix Learnathon and are interested in Upgrades or Prophix Expansion, we encourage you to get in touch by clicking on the button below.


Painting a Picture with Performance Reporting

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In this article, Prophix’s Ron Massicotte defines Performance Reporting, outlines how it can be adopted within any finance team and discusses why it is a critical component of future-proofing your organisation.

What is Performance Reporting

We’ve all faced discrepancies in our cashflow forecasts due to factors outside of the area of finance such as maintenance downtime on plant machinery or a spike of new hires in HR due to a new project. Prophix Performance Reporting delivers automated, scheduled or ad-hoc reports that combine financial, operational, human resource or even marketing data that allows an unprecedented depth of insight into a company’s current position.  

Whilst traditional reporting remains essential in an organisation, as data is becoming increasingly accessible and detailed, the need for highly integrated reports is greater than ever.  Unlike traditional reporting, performance reporting creates a detailed, data-driven narrative of a company’s current position and provides the ‘why’ behind these results. When applied correctly, performance reporting combines financial and non-financial data including production run rates, client satisfaction or employee turnover. 

Painting a picture with performance management

Speed and timeliness

Adopting automated Performance Reporting can dramatically cut the time spent on report generation by days or weeks leaving you with more time for analysis


Trust between Departments

Discover a new level of trust between departments now that performance reporting delivers transparency and justification amongst more sensitive figures such as budget allocation. 


Prophix delivers flexibility second to none with a web client that allows you to build ad-hoc reports and access or share scheduled traditional reports from wherever you are at any time.  


By integrating financial reports with other areas of the business, the rationale behind budget and cashflow predictions can be easily explained.