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KNIME 4.0 - Announcing KNIME Hub

KNIME has just announced the latest versions of the analytics platform - KNIME 4.0 and KNIME Server 4.9. The latest versions come with a number of impressive performance and components updates but one feature that we’re particularly excited about is the introduction of KNIME’s new resource platform - KNIME Hub. Learn more about KNIME Analytics

What is KNIME Hub?

KNIME Hub is the place to find KNIME Workflows, nodes and components as well as solutions to your data science challenges. With the KNIME Hub you can:

  • Share your workflows with the KNIME community

  • Browse KNIME extensions and learn about all nodes and explore related workflows to find examples on how to use this extension.

  • Drag and drop nodes or install extensions from the KNIME Hub into your KNIME Analytics Platform

  • Access the community and KNIME Hub from within KNIME Analytics. Open KNIME Hub from within KNIME Analytics, type in your search query and hit enter.

How do I access KNIME Hub?

Simply create an account or use your existing KNIME account and log in to the newly added My-KNIME-Hub Mountpoint from KNIME Analytics Platform 4.0.

For more information on KNIME 4.0, click on the button below.

Aluminum Industries Combines the Power of Prophix & SYSPRO


Aluminium Industries is a global manufacturing organisation with headquarters located in Victoria, Australia.

The group is split into 5 key brands which focus on the design, engineering, extrusion and fabrication of a range of aluminium-based products across a number of industries. Brands include EDGE Architectural Glazing Systems, Pivotech, aiFAB, and Comtruck. Aluminium Industries have been using the SYSPRO ERP solution since 2012.

Process Improvement Challenge

Aluminium Industries needed to improve the process of business unit financial consolidation, monthly and ad hoc management reporting, and the critical process of budgeting and financial forecasting. The SYSPRO ERP solution provides a strong proven functional solution for the manufacturing process but extra management reporting and budgeting power was needed by the finance team to complement the power of SYSPRO. Aluminium Industries needed a fully functional Corporate Performance Management solution (CPM).

The solution

Aluminum Industries selected Prophix as their CPM solution due to the richness of functionality, ease-of-use of the application, cost effectiveness and speed of deployment offered by the Forest Grove team. The ease of integration to the SYSPRO software was also an important factor. Learn more about Prophix

System Implementation

The first phase of the Prophix implementation has enabled the Finance team at Aluminium Industries to significantly improve their financial reporting system by producing integrated P&L, balance sheet and cash flow reports direct from Prophix. The solution has also demonstrated increased data accuracy between the organisations divisions and clearer visibility within both financial and personnel planning processes.

Prophix has simplified the process whilst simultaneously increasing the sophistication of the company’s cash flow, fixed asset and personnel models. 

In addition to comprehensive management reporting, where budgeted numbers are compared to actual business results, the Prophix system has been implemented utilising Prophix’s drill-through functionality. 

This additional standard Prophix functionality has enabled the Finance team to review actuals provided by the SYS PRO software and also drillthrough and view the underlying transactions behind the value. While early in the CPM lifecycle at Aluminium Industries, the Propix/SYSPRO solution has proved to be an early success. Learn more about Prophix