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Clinpath Laboratories SA becomes the second Sonic Healthcare subsidiary to select Prophix as their Reporting and Planning tool of choice

Clinpath Australia

Company Overview

In operation since 1985

Industry: Health


Number of Employees: +50

Head Office: Old Reynella, South Australia

ERP: Microsoft Dynamics


Leveraging the highly successful Prophix project at Clinipath WA, Clinpath will replace manual Excel workbooks and reduce their reliance on head-office driven Business Objects reporting.

Prophix is allowing Clinpath Laboratories SA to achieve a drastically improved reporting process across financial and operation data and will provide detailed driver based, bottom up planning throughout the organisation.

Integrating with Microsoft Dynamics AX and Apollo, a laboratory information management system, Prophix will provide Clinpath with detailed reporting across their financial, statistical and medical testing data to better inform decision making. This gives them for the first time a unified view of the business and a finance driven tool that meets the needs of their unique local environment.

Sonic Healthcare is a global leading healthcare provider and has grown to become the biggest provider of pathology, diagnostic imaging and primary care medical services with over 22,000 employees across Australia, USA, UK and parts of Europe.