Cloud is no longer the exception –

it’s the mainstream choice for most businesses today.

As a Prophix customer, moving to the cloud is a competitive advantage that provides you access to the latest and greatest product innovations, such as Prophix’s growing list of artificial intelligence capabilities and future add-ons. These new capabilities enable the finance team to improve key financial processes like budgeting and reporting, speed up month-end close, and gain deeper insights to your data. The Prophix Cloud provides the platform to do this more efficiently and affordably than ever before, regardless of how big or complex your company gets.

Prophix Cloud will help your business remain resilient and competitive in future market trends with these exciting features:

Latest & Greatest
Improved Performance
Easy Access
Higher ROI

Why Consider Migrating to Prophix Cloud

To stay innovative, competitive, and relevant in today’s market, an increasing number of organisations are turning to Cloud-based software for their digital transformation strategy. Cloud security standards allow companies to have the assurance of the integrity of their software. Additionally, the requirement for remote work has greatly accelerated the shift in migrating to easily accessible Cloud-based systems.

For many companies, there is a belief that Cloud solutions are easier and more accessible. While this is true, there are other elements of cloud technology that can benefit you and your organisation.

Here are some key drivers for other customers who migrated to Prophix Cloud:

  • Optimised performance
  • Future-proof your Prophix solution
  • Stay current on Prophix software’s quarterly releases
  • Reduce dependency on internal IT
  • Reduce dependency on 3rd party IT and 3rd party hosting providers
  • Ability to securely access Prophix without a VPN
  • Expansion of Prophix use
  • Prior adoption of an ERP needing API connectivity such as Dynamics 365 or Sage Intacct
  • Provide access to users in all geographies
  • Corporate cloud-first strategy requiring all business systems to be cloud hosted
  • New Cloud-exclusive Prophix functionalities such as Prophix for Microsoft 365 (Prophix Contributor, Prophix Analyzer, Prophix for PowerPoint 365) and artificial intelligence features like Insights, Anomaly Detection, and Task Assistance


Lower Cost of Ownership

Cloud software also allows for a lower total cost of ownership. The total cost of ownership is a financial estimate of all the costs, both upfront and hidden, that are associated with your software solution. These generally include:

  • Software licensing fee

  • Implementation costs (which includes training and customisation)

  • Operating costs for 3 to 5 years

For on-premises solutions, you will also need to factor in on-going costs, such as infrastructure expenses, on-going IT support, and yearly maintenance fees. For the total cost of ownership of Prophix Cloud, consider monthly or annual software fees and costs associated with additional users and storage. Your company should assess your total cost of ownership for each option and compare the two before your decision to migrate.  Prophix Cloud is powered by AWS which offers:

  • 31% average infrastructure cost savings vs on premises

  • 62% more efficient IT infrastructure management vs on premises

Innovation in the Cloud

Cloud technology is pushing the limits of innovation, making Prophix smarter and easier to use. Transform the way you work and keep your attention on the things that matter.

Prophix AI Research and Development

There are also a multitude of Cloud-exclusive offerings such as Prophix Contributor that extends the planning power of Prophix with Microsoft® Excel®, and the Virtual Financial Analyst powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. The Virtual Financial Analyst helps financial controllers with features such as Anomaly Detection, Insights, and Task Assistant.

Security is in the Cloud

Prophix Cloud offers strong encryption for all customer data with a dedicated environment that protects your data from unauthorised access and limits connection to only approved users.

You may worry that using a solution that you access via the internet could expose your data to greater risk. However, Prophix Cloud security standards provides protection that is not just adequate but is above industry standards.

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