Our end-to-end Business Intelligence solution takes care of the data transformation and warehouse management, leaving you to focus on the important business objectives.  






Imagine the level of insight you will gain when you have the ability to transform your data from any source and create coherent datasets.  


Connect, unify and transform

See all of your data as a complete picture and break down operational silos. Extract, clean and transform data from all of your source systems and gain unprecedented insights into operational and financial trends and patterns.


Simple open-source data cleansing

Let market leading advanced analytics platform, KNIME take care of your data's transformation and advanced analytics.  With the ability to easily connect to as many data sources as you require, KNIME is the perfect next step in making sense of your data.





What if you could replace your existing data warehouse with something that is easy to use, fast and cost effective.



With Amazon Redshift’s Australian-based cloud servers you can have confidence in the security of your data, knowing there are no offshore security risks.  All of your data, including backup data is encrypted.


Amazon Redshift integrates seamlessly with a range of Business Intelligence tools, meaning you can build reports, predict trends and distribute comprehensive visuals across your organisation without having to learn any new programming languages.



Amazon Redshift is less than one tenth the cost of traditional solutions. Unlike traditional data warehouses, when data volumes grow on Redshift you don’t have to choose either slow performance or an extensive rebuild.  


With just a few clicks you can scale your clusters up and down depending on your warehousing requirements.  This not only ensures optimal performance, it also means you only need to pay for what you use. 


Deliver vital insight into your business operations, that enhances decision-making and improves your capability to quickly respond to challenges - boosting your bottom line.



Insight that counts

Rather than settling for an off-the-shelf solution, let Forest Grove's experienced consultants work with customers to strategically build and develop dashboards that create tangible and valuable insight into your organisation.




Make a real impact

Data is one of your organisation's most valuable assets, so why not let Tableau unleash its full potential?  The ability to drill down and act upon live data means that now you can make informed decisions on the go.