Have Confidence in your Planning Tool

Spreadsheets are excellent personal productivity tools but break down when used for a collaborative planning and budgeting processes.

By using Prophix Software, a market leading integrated planning tool, you can move beyond spreadsheets and no longer worry about complex calculations, aggregation and consolidation errors and a process that’s difficult to track. This gives you one source of the truth by combining in one database your actuals, plans, forecasts, what ifs and supporting detail in one place.



You already know                 how to use Prophix

By using an Excel look and feel, Prophix is an intuitive and easy to use budgeting and forecasting software. The learning curve is minimal and allows the finance team to stay in control of the tool without needing to go through a complex training process or rely on 3rd party consultants.

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Prophix Reporting

Prophix Dashboards


Keep track of your planning process, from start to finish

Prophix has a built in Workflow engine enabling you to keep track of every task to take your budget from inception to completion. Workflow Manager can produce comprehensive reports and an interactive dashboard to drill down and see where any problem areas occur within the planning process.

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Complete integrated financial planning

Simple dollar values are no longer enough, to get an accurate view of the business you need to integrate not only operating expenditure but sales, personnel, fixed assets and other plans. With Prophix flexibility you can model all aspects of your business so you can ensure your bottom up plan meets your strategic objectives.

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Integrated Finanancial Planning Prophix