A Single Version of the Financial Truth


Beautiful reports and dashboards from one source of truth.

Prophix provides comprehensive end to end reporting, directly from the system. No longer do finance teams need to spend days consolidating data, formatting spreadsheets and responding to ad-hoc data queries. Prophix empowers users to go from reports to transactions from one interface without any special skills required.


Drill through to the detail

With Prophix you can start your journey with a beautifully formatted report, analyse that report with a slice and dice pivot table like interface and drill through to underlying transactions and detail directly from the source system. This from an easy to use Excel like reporting tool that allows you to create reports and dashboards in a standardised format and distribute via Excel, PDF, Word or PowerPoint.


Automated distribution

With Prophix you can automate the distribution of reports by creating a standardised reporting pack and letting Prophix do the rest. Prophix will assess each users security only providing the information they have access to.

You can choose to distribute reports as Excel, PDF, Word or PowerPoint as well as accessing online or offline with the Prophix Mobile app for iPad.