Data Analytics

Organisation-Wide Data Deployment

By providing everyone in your organisation with the tools to analyse data you will enable the business to make better decisions, gain insights faster and reduce administrative and manual tasks. 

Data Cleansing & ETL

The first step to having confidence in your data is to fix or remove incorrect, duplicate or corrupted data.


Less human intervention needed to extract and combine your data sources provides you with higher quality and faster access.

Predictive Modelling

Once you’ve transformed your data and built a data warehouse, you can progress to scenario modelling and developing machine learning models to help you predict the right decision for your business. 

Integrate Siloed Data Sources

Every piece of software and hardware used by your business, not to mention every supplier and customer, is generating data that can be useful to your decision-making–but only if it’s made available for use.

Shorten Your Time-to-Insight

The quicker you have access to a reliable source of information, the more nimble you can be when making profitable business decisions. With the right financial and operational systems in place, you can maximise competitive advantage and confidence in your decisions, using data analytics.


Move from Reactive

to Predictive

Working on gut feel or a subjective method of decision-making can be one of the costliest ways to do business. With the right tools you can begin to predict the right decision, rather than reacting when it is too late.  

How We Help you Make Sense of your Data

Understand your Strategy
Consolidate your Organisational Data with KNIME
Help you Visualise your Data
 Provide Access to analysis throughout your organisation

"Forest Grove leveraged KNIME Analytics Platform to transform the way we access and analyse project data. Time consuming, manual tasks were replaced with automation that significantly reduced the time to insight."

– Alistair Eyres -Project Director – Structural

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