KNIME is the perfect data science tool for deploying across your entire organisation. Whether you are wrangling Excel, building ETL workflows or developing Machine Learning models. Start for FREE and expand as your data needs grow. 

Deploy at scale and support self-service analytics

Quickly and easily share your business data with a no code data science tool. You can create visual data workflows using an intuitive, drag-and-drop style graphical interface while leveraging your existing BI tools like Tableau, Power BI and Spotfire, or automatically produce PowerPoint or PDF reports.

Scalable Solution for the Entire Enterprise 

Start for free, prototype your data workflows to explore different approaches, build enterprise models and then deploy across the entire organisation with KNIME server.

From Excel to KNIME

This white-paper is designed to help you get started with quickly consolidating Excel workbooks with KNIME. Learn how to import Excel workbooks, conduct data cleansing and develop coherent, accurate datasets with KNIME.

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

Easy, intuitive open-source software to demystify the complexities of your data workflows.

Blend and Transform

Data mining designed to blend, enrich and aggregate data from different databases and data warehousing sources, connect to social media platforms, and interact with cloud applications.

Model and Visualise

Make predictions, score models and visualise data with classic and advanced chart types while customising reports with a sophisticated data tool.

Deploy and Manage

Deploy scalable processes capable of analysing billions of rows of data, using a collaborative environment and a single repository for the entire data science lifecycle.

Consume and Interact

Build enterprise data and Machine Learning models that everyone can interact with and analyse. 

Deploy KNIME Across Your Organisation

KNIME Server is an ideal data tool for team-based collaboration, automation, management, and deployment of data science workflows as well as analytical applications and services. The enterprise software assists with data migration and data analysis in the production environment for widespread benefit across your organisation.

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