Tableau offers beautiful dashboards and visualisations, allowing business analysts and decision makers to easily communicate compelling business cases

Improve communication & reporting with dashboards

Interactive, visual analytics help eliminate the eternal cycle of change requests common in traditional reporting. Analysing your data with Tableau is fast and easy, beautiful and useful—with software anyone and everyone can use.

Collect Actionable Data

Connect to virtually any data source and work with any shape, size, and type of data, whether on-premises, in cloud applications, or in flat files.

Streamline key business outcomes with business intelligence

Tableau offers unlimited data exploration through data dashboards using a drag-and-drop user interface. Your team is encouraged to be curious and creative and embrace data-driven decision-making with intuitive data software.

Measure Performance

Capture performance metrics for specific user actions and analyse the relationships between data sources, workbooks, and worksheets.

Drag and Drop Data Analytics

Use self-service data dashboards to visualise and easily understand your data while encouraging discussion and collaboration throughout your organisation.

Mobile Business Intelligence

Access data dashboards when and where you want, on any device type, with no need for extra coding. Tableau’s ‘touch awareness’ happens automatically.

Geographical Data Mapping

Leverage location-based application and sensors to tell stories with maps. You can also use maps to drill down into related data with Tableau’s built-in geocoding.

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