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Discover how Tableau’s business intelligence tools can help your business

Forest Grove provides you with a powerful business intelligence software solution from Tableau that will provide you with vital insight into your business operations, enhancing decision-making and improving your capability to quickly respond to challenges – boosting your bottom line. As one of the leading business intelligence tools, Tableau software provides any user with the ability to easily connect to their data, visualise it and then create interactive dashboards to share your findings with those that need them.

Tableau Perth

Data Visualisation

Any data is meaningless without a way to organise and present important findings within it. That’s where data visualisation comes in. This is not only a way to present your data, but a way to explore and understand your information. People understand information better through pictures than by reading numbers in rows and columns. By visualising data, you are able to ask and answer important questions surrounding your growth in sales, and the behaviours of your different customers more effectively. With the ability to quickly get answers, your data becomes a competitive advantage instead of an under-utilised asset.


Data Analytics

Our Tableau platform BI solution gives experts the ability to handle the data easily and to do their own big data analysis. With the ease of drag & drop and point & click to develop charts, reports and dashboards, Tableau connects people throughout an organisation directly with their data. There’s no more waiting in an IT ticket queue to get answers, you can now start getting answers from your information. This dashboard uses millions of rows of stock data to show trends in key securities. It was built without any programming at all.

Self-service visual analytics with Tableau means you can analyse data with lightning-fast queries on massive amounts of information. With this ability to ask – and answer – questions instantaneously, you can finally start using your data as a competitive advantage.


Business Dashboards

Designed properly, a good business dashboard is an indispensable tool that gives information at just a glance. A good dashboard solution should provide:

  • Interactivity: filtering, highlighting and other relevant dashboard solutions
  • The ability to combine multiple data sources
  • Fast creation by a business user
  • Easy sharing with support for existing security
  • Visual analysis best practices

Non-technical users can create interactive, real-time dashboards in minutes. Adding filters and drilling down is as simple as a few clicks. Sharing those dashboards on a server and embedding them into corporate portals or any web page is simply point-and-click. And visual best practices are built in, so you can build a great dashboard and communicate effectively.


Mobile Business Intelligence

Mobile BI can finally fulfil the promise of the business intelligence industry: to get information where you need it, when you need it. Tableau’s mobile solutions focus on excellent usability and a consistent experience that takes advantage of the unique features of mobile. Tableau’s solution provides:

  • Author once – consume anywhere experience
  • Consistent experience across devices
  • Rapid ‘IT free’ authoring
  • Touch optimised controls and views

Visualisations are optimised to deliver touch experiences when accessed on mobile devices such as the Apple iPad or an Android tablet. This touch awareness happens automatically – no special authoring or design changes are required to make views and dashboards automatically work on your tablet.



Geographic data is one of the most common types of data available, and with today’s location-based applications and sensors, it’s more important than ever. Maps are a core part of our Tableau BI solution. Tableau provides built-in geocoding, so if you have common areas within countries, states or postcodes, you don’t need latitude and longitude data. Tableau’s powerful visual analytics also give you the flexibility to tell stories with maps and also use maps to drill down into related data.