Course Overview

The Tableau Desktop I course will cover all the features and capabilities that Tableau 10 has to offer including:

Day 1:

  • Introduction to Tableau for desktop

  • Connecting data

  • Simplifying and sorting your data

  • Organising your data

  • Slicing your data by date

  • Using multiple measures in a view

  • Showing the relationship between numerical values

  • Mapping data geographically

Day 2:

  • View specific values

  • Customising your data

  • Analysing data with quick table calculations

  • Showing breakdowns of the whole

  • Viewing distributions

  • Highlighting data with reference lines

  • Making your views available


Duration: 2 Days                  Price: $1490 + GST

Location: Perth

Requirements: No previous experience with Tableau is required to attend this course.


2019 Available Dates


11-12 Nov