Tableau Desktop II

Course Overview

This course is designed to provide you with the skills required to become a Tableau power user. It’s made for those who have a solid working experience with Tableau and want to take it to the next level. You should have a deep understanding of all the fundamental concepts of building worksheets and dashboards, but may scratch your head when working with more complex issues. 

Duration: 2 Days           Price: $1490 + GST

Location: Perth

Requirements: We advise that you have taken prior Tableau Desktop I or introduction courses and/or have a solid working knowledge of Tableau Software.



4 - 5 Nov


  • Build better dashboards using techniques for guided analytics, interactive dashboard design and visual best practices

  • Implement many efficiency tips and tricks

  • Understand the basics of Tableau Server and other options for sharing your results






This course will cover:

  • Build advanced chart types and visualisations

  • Build complex calculations to manipulate your data

  • Work with statistics and statistical techniques

  • Work with parameters and input controls

  • Implement advanced geographic mapping techniques and use custom images and geocoding to build spatial visualisations of non-geographic data

  • Implement all options in working with data: joining multiple tables, data blending, performance considerations and working with the Data Engine, sharing your connections as meta data and understanding when to implement which connection method.