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End to End Data Analytics Solutions

end to end data analytics

Data Transformation Journey

Wrangle, visualise, deploy, manage, and optimise data using a self-service, advanced data science software . Create highly configurable and repeatable data workflows with our no-code/low-code data science tool

Extract, Transform & Load Data

Connect with a range of sources, work with structured, semi-structured and unstructured data, leverage data transformation with out of box connectors

Intelligent Data Analysis

Provide code free and guided data solutions that create the opportunity for all staff to analyse data with interactive visual exploration

Machine Learning & Predictive Analytics

Leverage the power of machine learning and utilise existing datasets to perform self-service advanced analytics – linear, multilinear, decision tree, random forest, gradient booster, etc.


Empower users with dynamic dashboards and self service analytics. See and understand data without reliance on IT

Integrate Siloed Data Sources

Create a trusted single version of truth repository that automates the integration of data and is backed by a comprehensive data governance process.

Connect a host of databases, data warehouses, file formats, cloud resources and external services into one intuitive, visual workflow environment to improve operational efficiencies and foster a community of data citizens.​


Make sense of your data 

Build high quality models and visualisations your business can rely on.

We ensure that everything happening to your data is explainable – where it came from, what’s been done to it, modelling approaches used, the quality of your data and more. This ensures data accuracy and makes model maintenance straightforward as well as makes things easier to fix when they go wrong. Since everything is documented in one visual framework, the right data is always available to the right people at the right time.

Support enterprise-wide data science practices

Make the best use of your people, time and technology to meet the needs of both the team and the enterprise. Give your team the freedom to choose from a wide range of state-of-the-art tools for data wrangling and cleansing, analytics, and visualisation in one uniform environment. Keep them ahead of the curve by giving them the ability to integrate new technology and tools, so they can focus on the problems that matter.

Standardise processes and establish best practices with Governance capabilities like versioning, documentation, administration, and monitoring  to deliver reliable and reproducible data science.

Data Citizens

Leverage insights gained from your data analytics solution

Get the insights you need at the pace of your business. Create and productionise data science as it best fits your business. Whether it is visualisations, applications or services, conform your insights to your business – not the other way around.

Reach back into the data science cycle at predetermined touch-points to update data sources, tweak parameters, inject domain knowledge, and more – creating a is a continuous cycle of insights that can be utilised by a diverse set of consumers.


Customer Testimonial

Automation & Advanced Analytics

I estimate ad hoc ETL tasks 3-4x times faster. It has also allowed me to add custom code to workflows when required which was very important when developing the Smart Freeways dashboards.

I am able to modify and reuse workflows. This allows me to very quickly provide customers the information needed when requirements are constantly changing.

David Argote
Finance Project Specialists, MainRoads WA

Main Roads logo

Helping businesses reduce their reliance on excel with end to end data science solutions and services

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