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KNIME Analytics Platform

 Free, open-source software for creating data science

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KNIME Server

Commercial solution for productionising data science

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Build data workflows with an intuitive, drag and drop graphical interface

Perform visual programming without the need for coding. Model each step of your data analysis, control the flow of data, and ensure your work is always current. Blend tools from different domains in a single workflow, including scripting in R & Python, machine learning, or connectors to Apache Spark.

Blend Data from Any Source

Combine simple text formats like CSV, PDF, XLS, JSON, XML; unstructured data like images, documents, networks, molecules, etc; or time series data. Integrate with a host of databases and data warehouses from Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Apache Hive, Snowflake, and more. Load Avro, Parquet, or ORC files from HDFS, S3, or Azure.

Access and retrieve data from sources such as Salesforce, SharePoint, SAP Reader (Theobald Software), Twitter, AWS S3, Google Sheets, Azure, and more.

Automate. Collaborate. Manage

Schedule workflows to run automatically and give yourself more time to focus on data science. Scale and pin workflow execution with well provisioned, high performance server architecture which is configured to your specifications. Design, edit, and execute workflows using the Remote Workflow Editor and take advantage of well provisioned hardware in a secure environment.

Share data, components, and workflows across your team and company while complying with data protection policies through the control of access management. Reproduce data science by recording workflow revisions along with the data, enabling debugging, tracking, and auditing.

Deploy Data Apps and Services

Bring complex data science and machine learning to business analysts with Guided Analytics. Data scientists build and deploy the workflow and end users interact with that workflow in a controlled way. Build and publish detailed reports which can be sent via email or accessed on demand from the KNIME WebPortal.

Seamlessly deploy workflows as industry standard web services and build out your data science infrastructure. Instantly productionise data science with Integrated Deployment. Easily capture preprocessing and preparation steps, along with the models and analysis for re-use in the production environment.


Customer Testimonial

Predicting At-Risk Clients

KNIME helps to solve what is often the most time consuming and overlooked part of data science – preparing data and deploying models in an automated, repeatable way. KNIME brings agility to data science by allowing this to be done from the outset.

This encourages an iterative approach to machine learning, where useful results can be developed and deployed to the business quickly using pre-built components. Based on both technical metrics and feedback from the business, these results can then be tuned and enhanced over time.

Andrew Dun
Data and Analytics Manager

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