‘With a wealth of well-rounded functionality, KNIME maintains its reputation for being the market’s “Swiss Army knife.” Its for-free and open-source KNIME Analytics Platform covers 85% of critical capabilities, and KNIME’s vision and roadmap are as good as, or better than, those of most of its competitors.’
— Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Science and Analytics - January 2019.
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KNIME is a powerful, open source data blending, cleansing, wrangling and data science tool. Rated as a leader in Gartner’s Data Science and Analytics Magic Quadrant for the past 6 years, KNIME brings powerful in-database processing and Machine Learning and AI in an intuitive workflow tool.

Forest Grove Technology is KNIME’s only distributor and largest partner across Australia and New Zealand. We have helped organisations across the region deploy data wrangling and data science solutions. We provide a wide range of KNIME services including training, support and consultancy.





Wrangle your Data, Blend multiple data sources and build your data warehouse

With powerful in-memory and in-database capabilities, KNIME can scale with your data, supporting structured and unstructured data in not only a variety of file formats but also a wide range of databases and data warehouses.

Data engineers can quickly and easily cleanse, filter, blend, enrich and aggregate data with a number of different data sources, connect to social media platforms, interact with cloud applications.

KNIME supports popular cloud and on premise data warehouses and data lakes with support for Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services including S3, Azure Blob Storage and Redshift and Snowflake.

With powerful database tools, you can build an entire data warehouse in minutes. KNIME can create your data warehouse on the fly, defining table structures, column types and metadata based on the data. Rebuild your data warehouse automatically.

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Become a Machine Learning and AI Powerhouse

Whether you’re looking to embark on a data mining project, support your data science team or deploy the latest Machine Learning or AI algorithm, KNIME supports out of the box Machines Learning models for clustering, deep learning, decision trees, logistic regression and more.

Make predictions, score models and start deploying predictive models throughout your organisation.

KNIME supports the latest Machine Learning libraries, with out of the box support for Apache Spark, H2O.ai, XGBoost, TensorFlow and Keras, you can deploy highly sophisticated AI and deep learning models that are scalable without coding.

Integrate quickly Machine Learning APIs from Microsoft Azure including Cognitive Services and Amazon Web Services and leverage their big data and analytics platforms.

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Tell a Story and Share your Insights

Quickly and easily share your insights throughout the business with KNIMEs sophisticated reporting tool.

Leverage your existing Business Intelligence tools with built in support for Tableau, Power BI and Spotfire. Export your insights to Tableau’s file format or skip the data warehouse and write directly to Tableau Server.

Export reports via PowerPoint and PDF, and quickly present your insights.

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Deploy at Scale and support Self Service Analytics

With in-database processing, scalable distributed workflows and support for distributed big data platforms like Hadoop and Apache Spark, you can deploy scalable processes that can processes billions of rows.

KNIME Server provides teams with a collaborative environment for data engineers, scientists and business analysts to work on a single repository through the entire data science life cycle. When ready for deployment, KNIME server can provide real time recommendations and processing, schedule workflow and provide a web interface for self service analytics.

The REST API endpoints and full support for REST and SOAP services allows you to integrate KNIME into your website, mobile apps and other 3rd party tools.

KNIME Server can be used to capture information across the organisation providing the ability for users to upload documents, images, Microsoft Excel workbooks or any other file remotely via the web interface. Once submitted, this data can be written to your organisation's data warehouse and processed through Machine Learning and AI algorithms.

KNIME is Cloud Ready with full deployment support for Amazon Web Services and Azure in both Linux and Windows configuration.

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Services, Training and Support

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