KNIME Training

Learn everything you need to know about KNIME to help you get going – from installation to nodes to deploying data workflows utilising the KNIME Analytics and Server Platforms.

Forest Grove has provided KNIME training to some of Australia’s biggest and most successful organisations. With the guidance of Forest Grove’s specialists, our KNIME training courses gives organisations the opportunity to gain the skills needed to leverage the power of KNIME.

KNIME Analytics Training

We offer a 2-day KNIME beginners course which is designed for those who have no to little previous experience with KNIME.

We will take you through everything you need to get started with KNIME – from installation, to nodes to developing data workflows utilising the KNIME Analytics Platform.

    KNIME Server Training

    Find out how to implement organisation-wide data deployment, reduce project risk and make the most of your KNIME Server investment.

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