Forest Grove Customer Conference 2023


Welcome & introductions 

by Murray Westphal – Managing Director, Forest Grove

[D1S2] Expanding data & financial literacy within your organisation

by Rhys Meakins – Head of Strategy & Technology, MLG Oz 

Driving value from data through the implementation of technology solution is only half the battle. Generating actionable insights requires frontline staff to understand their role in creating quality data and analysts to use that data to tell the right story in the right way. But these insights don’t generate value without action. Equipping managers with the knowledge to appreciate, understand and utilise the data is a critical piece of the puzzle. Rhys shares practical, actionable methods for helping increase your teams’ data and financial literacy, no matter what base they’re starting from.

[D1S3.1] Prophix functionality & business value – today & tomorrow 

by Pako Chan – Program Manager, Prophix 

Pako’s session showcases some of the recent enhancements deployed with Prophix Cloud and how these further automate and improve your financial processes. He also gives us a window into an exciting Prophix Platform roadmap that will fundamentally change how people work in the office of the CFO. Some of the most interesting short term roadmap features include Predictive Forecasting, Prophix Advisor, improved Audit Logs and a modernisation of the Database Engines.

[D1S3.2] KNIME functionality & value – today & tomorrow

by Vincenzo Tursi – Partner Director, KNIME

Vincenzo’s session showcases some recent enhancements deployed with KNIME Developer and the latest KNIME Deployment Server technology, KNIME Business Hub. He also gives us a window into what we can expect to see in KNIME technology over the next 12 months. KNIME is an international leader in data connectivity, data transformation and data science. As part of Vincenzo’s presentation, he provides examples of how KNIME technology is being deployed worldwide as a foundation technology to build data excellence across the business enterprise. The data partnerships Forest Grove has built locally with our customers have been enhanced considerably with the value provided by applying KNIME technology. Vincenzo’s session helps communicate additional areas of data optimisation that will help drive business success.

[D1S4.1] Connected Services: Integrating data sources for consistent access & delivery

by Ross Gaskell – Director, Forest Grove 

Combining data from multiple sources into a single trusted and unified view is a critical cornerstone of modern organisations. It enables organisations to make informed decisions, improve operational efficiency, and gain a competitive advantage with consistent access to and delivery of your most important data. This presentation showcases how our team can help you get the best out of your internal and external data sources. In addition, the Connected Services platform empowers your team to get in front of the game by taking advantage of the latest Data Science capabilities, including Machine Learning, Predictive Modelling and creating your own Custom Data Applications.

[D1S5.1] Prophix training: Dashboard Studio – creating meaningful visualisations

by Forest Grove Consultants, Harsha Mudiyanselage and Sanjeev Ramasubramanian

Wouldn’t it be great to have a dashboard with decision-ready information when you log in to your Prophix application? Join us as we show you how to transform your traditional style of reporting and analysis into eye-catching visualisations that are easy to interpret and provide meaningful and impactful insights. In this session, you will gain hands-on experience in Dashboard Studio. Led by our experienced FP&A consultants, you will learn how to create Prophix dashboards with user specific charts, geo-maps, and other data-rich tiles.

[D1S6] Building bespoke analytical business applications – fast, efficient, and at your fingertips

by Forest Grove Strategy & Growth Executive, Betsy Westphal Senior Technical Consultant, Willem Lottering & Consultant, Rebecca Tung

KNIME allows data workers to create and deploy custom data applications that can service the full spectrum of end users. Basic to advanced analytical workflows, built within the KNIME Analytics Platform, can be deployed and shared as interactive, flexible data apps for frontline workers, business end users and stakeholders. From simple but sophisticated data input to interactive dashboards to guided visual analytics, this session gives a taste of the possibilities that data apps can offer across industries and disciplines.

[D1S7] Visualisation & storytelling using Power BI & Tableau to build engaging, meaningful dashboards

by Tommy Harstrom – Analytics Director, Forest Grove

Data visualisation is the process of creating graphical representations of data sets, allowing for easy and intuitive exploration and analysis. So, what makes a visualisation memorable, and how does psychology impact visualisations? Tommy shares methods, considerations, and techniques to contemplate when creating engaging visualisations while keeping the design simple and aesthetically pleasing.

[D2S2] Driving innovation through data and IOT: converging digital and physical worlds to unlock operational efficiencies

by Adam Schindhelm – CEO, LX Group

Having led the development of 500+ products and projects with a focus on IoT and embedded systems, Adam shares insights into the current technology trends and opportunities for instrumentation, sensors, tracking, computer vision, AI and blockchain. From a product design perspective, Adam shares the shift he is seeing amongst clients from ‘building a product to sell’ to ‘building a product to solve a problem’. This session will offer you with innovative approaches to solving problems and unlocking operational efficiencies by converging digital and physical worlds.

[D2S3] Unconventional data sources: unlocking insight gold from forgotten sources (images & PDF extraction)

by Forest Grove Analytics Manager, Angus Veitch & Marketing Manager, Akanksha Sinha

Modern businesses are held together by high-quality data about their customers, personnel, financials, inventory, and so on, typically maintained by ERPs, CRMs and other dedicated systems. However, value can be found in other types and sources of data as well, including text, images, PDFs, and web pages. This session explores the opportunities presented by unconventional data sources, featuring a Forest Grove use case in which internal PDF documents were mined for keywords to inform search engine optimisation.

[D2S4.1] Right of use assets (ROU modelling

by Forest Grove Delivery Manager, Paul Korejcik and FP&A Consultant, Shane Sturtridge

Following the change to Australian Accounting Standards, property and equipment leases previously recognised off-balance sheet, now accounted for as right-of-use (ROU) assets and lease liabilities, have increased complexity and risk in financial reporting. Many organisations opted to leverage Excel to track leased assets and calculate monthly journals resulting in cumbersome models. This session demonstrates how a Prophix streamlines the overall process while giving you the flexibility to change lease parameters as needed, produce comprehensive reporting and generate journal entries. Let us show you how the tool you already have, and trust can further improve your efficiency!

[D2S7] Predictive modelling & machine learning

by Jérôme Treboux – International Data Expert

Several industries are increasingly adopting machine learning (ML) and predictive modelling to solve business problems and gain operational efficiencies. Many specialised platforms help implement ML and predictive modelling reducing technical constraints. For example, the KNIME platform allows the creation of visual workflows in an intuitive environment, enabling every stakeholder in the data science process to focus on what they do best. This presentation first introduces ML and predictive modelling. It then provides an overview of our applied projects in collaboration with varying sectors (e.g., marketing, customer insights, medical, and food processing). The projects use KNIME and are presented from their research and development to production deployment. It discusses the opportunities, benefits, and possible pitfalls (e.g., technical) of using ML and predictive modelling for applied projects.

[D2S8] From spreadsheets to workflows

by Clint Bowron – Information and Systems Architect, Royal Flying Doctor Service

Innovative multi-data source use of KNIME technology is common throughout the Forest Grove customer base. The team at Royal Flying Doctor Service Western Australia has used KNIME to transition paper and Excel-based processing using the KNIME Web Portal workflow and ETL functionality. The functionality also combines data extracted from banking and unique applications within the business, saving considerable time and manual resources. Information and Systems Architect Clint Bowron will present how his team at RFDS has been applying KNIME throughout their business with outstanding success

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