[Live & Interactive] KNIME Fundamentals Training for Business Application

KNIME Fundamentals Training for Business Application

About the training

Learn everything you need to know to create your first KNIME analytics workflow – from connecting data sources to data extracts, blending data and transformations, and generating output files for reporting and visualisations – all with KNIME Analytics Platform in a Forest Grove live, interactive and hands-on KNIME training day.

Forest Grove is the Australian leader in the use of KNIME at an enterprise level and has delivered KNIME Training to some of Australia’s largest, most successful organisations. We bring a unique commercial perspective and expertise to the application of KNIME. Unlike other offerings available in the market that focus solely on learning the technology, Forest Grove KNIME Training helps participants acquire the skills necessary to be able to leverage the power of KNIME to solve real business problems and cater for a variety of commercial requirements.

Date & Time: July 11/  Aug 8 |  10:00 AM – 5:00 PM AEST
Cost: AUD 1,100 pp incl. GST
Format: Full-day live training with one of Forest Grove’s KNIME specialists. The training will be split into 2 sessions:

1. Morning Session (10:00AM to 1:00PM AEST): KNIME Fundamentals Intro

  • Introduction to KNIME
  • KNIME in practice: use cases and benefits
  • Connecting to data sources
  • Databases (DB Connection/Specific Nodes)
  • Nodes, annotations
  • Data importing & mining
  • Integrating external tools
  • Data export
  • Data manipulation & aggregation
  • General workflow development best practices

2. Afternoon Session 2 (2:00 PM – 5:00 PM AEST): KNIME Fundamentals Expansion

  • Flow variables (Improve automation/timing)
  • Workflows controls (loops, switches, try-catches)
  • Workflow abstractions (configuration, invocations and widgets)
  • More advanced data integration
  • Date and time integrations
  • Interpret console messages and errors
  • Structuring workflows for robustness and scalability
  • KNIME Hub (Web/KNIME Explorer to assist w workflow creation/errors)
  • Meta nodes and Components

How to register for the training

Kindly fill out the form below and one of our team members will be in touch with complete training details and payment information.

Note: You are not required to give your payment details at the time of filling out this form.

It was not just classroom training; it wasn’t just one-way receiving information; it was actually hands-on solving those problems and learning by doing. Learning by doing is the most powerful way that you can learn, and we love that approach. We absolutely loved bringing our challenges learning by doing and getting our theory kind of through osmosis.

Fred Hersleman

Group Head of Data & Analytics, DuluxGroup Australia


Described as the ‘Swiss army knife of analytics’, KNIME is the leading open source solution for data-driven innovation. KNIME is designed for discovering the potential hidden in data, mining for fresh insights, predicting new futures and automating manual tasks. The platform is fast to deploy, east to scale and intuitive to learn. Thanks to the drag-and-drop visual interface, KNIME enables every stakeholder in the data science process to focus on what they do best. 

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