[On-demand webinar] Data Science for Marketers

About the webinar

Imagine having access to quick and accurate customer insights, audience engagement, product launch response, competitor analysis, and more, so you can predict customer needs, desires and future behaviours and develop tailored growth strategies for the highest ROI.

Join us for our Data Science for Marketers webinar where we will demonstrate how you can gain powerful insight of your Twitter community, including how your audience is responding to your content, trending hashtags, key conversations and much more –  using techniques like entity extraction, geoparsing, ngram tagging and interactive dashboard outputs – with our data science tool, KNIME.


Described as the ‘Swiss army knife of analytics’, KNIME is the leading open source solution for data-driven innovation. KNIME is designed for discovering the potential hidden in data, mining for fresh insights, predicting new futures and automating manual tasks. The platform is fast to deploy, east to scale and intuitive to learn. Thanks to the drag-and-drop visual interface, KNIME enables every stakeholder in the data science process to focus on what they do best. 

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