Prophix Financial Planning & Analysis cloud finance technology gives you a single source of truth for all your financial data and information.

Transform the way You

Budget, Plan and Report

Transform the way you manage and use your financial data, with easier access to your data, more accurate reporting, and an overall quicker budgeting process. Work when and where you want, knowing Prophix’s budgeting and reporting software increases the efficiency and quality of your efforts.

Move Beyond Excel & Drive Performance

Budgeting with spreadsheets is hard to scale, error prone and time intensive. By automating your processes you can track your approvals, involve more decision-makers in the process, and improve accuracy and collaboration.

Redefining Cloud Finance

Sophisticated automation and data consolidation features that deliver peace of mind. Prophix handles all of your organisational budget and planning functions from one cloud platform that everyone can use.


Modernise your budgeting and planning with centralised data, streamlined processes, automatic consolidation, and empowerment of your finance team to spend less time entering numbers and more time analysing them.


Quickly and easily create forecasts for strategic decision-making based on high-quality,  reliable information. No longer will lack of time stop you from implementing rolling forecasts. 

Scenario Modelling

Minimise the time, effort, and complexity associated with scenario modelling to reduce risk and quickly plan for all potential outcomes. Build multiple budgets and know what levers to pull ahead of time. 

Personnel Planning

Take advantage of advanced, accurate personnel planning features so you can accurately forecast your personnel costs – often the largest expense. 

Cash Flow Planning

Accurately project and monitor your business cash flow, build accurate balance sheets with data from all your operational areas and experience cross-functional collaboration.

Sales & Revenue Planning

Predict your future revenue faster and with greater confidence using the metrics needed to create in-depth plans. Build in flexibility to adapt and update as needed.

Capital Expense Planning

Build detailed CapEx models that can be managed and updated with ease. Track the true value of your capital expenses to maintain profitability throughout your organisation.

Financial Consolidation

Combining companies or managing branches across numerous Prophix’s financial consolidation and close tools eliminate manual processes and automate recurring ones. 

Adhoc Reporting & Analysis

With ad-hoc reporting, you can conduct high quality analysis by moving around your data hierarchy for on-the-fly analysis. Drill up or down on the specific data you want to focus on.

Achieve More with Prophix Cloud

To stay innovative, competitive, and relevant in today’s market, an increasing number of organisations are turning to Cloud-based software for their digital transformation strategy. Cloud security standards allow companies to have the assurance of the integrity of their software. Additionally, the requirement for remote work has greatly accelerated the shift in migrating to easily accessible Cloud-based systems.

Seamless Integration

Prophix easily integrates with your on-prem or cloud IT infrastructure, allowing you to access it whenever you need and interact cleanly with hundreds of existing Source applications. 

"Prophix automated the cashflow process and made changes and consolidation much less painful. We saved considerable time and limit the opportunity for errors to occur through manual spreadsheet collation."

Bastiaan Gagiano

Manager Performance & Analysis, Business & Financial Services (BFS), Uniting Care Queensland

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